Now that his gf's in the house...


I wonder if Rex will either chill and drop the bullying attitude, or keep it
going to show off even more in front of her.

Isn't a bit of an unfair advantage for Nicole to enter the House so late,
with so many already gone, immune from nominations for a week and knowing so
much about them all already?

What on earth did you do before you discovered the letters LOL?!

It's pretty laughable in 'real' life, but laughing at your own written
'jokes'... Bizarre! And you even managed to laugh at this one, twice, in
two different threads...

I'm sad to reveal, it wasn't that funny the first time I read it. : 7

Anyhoo... I want my 'backed potatoe'. You weren't taught by Rachel by
any chance?
Joe [[email protected]] said:

One day, someone who makes this sort of post will explain exactly why
they think BB gives a hoot as to who actually wins. Yes, one day......
BB cares because of the connections between tham and certain
management/production companies. For example John Noel management are
famous for being nepotistically entwined with BB.

The more famous that the people from BB become the more likely there's a
BB next year and therefore everyone has jobs.

Exactly. BB staff started the last housing boom after becoming over
night millionaires when Camoron won BB4.
*Fallen* formulated on Saturday :

Utter twaddle!

More utter twaddle!
Was there not an actual point somewhere online you could copy and paste?

It happens that *Fallen* formulated :

Oh, I see you're home from the creche. Now it must be your playtime.
Fallen [[email protected]] said:

And Rex winning instead of Dale or Darnell winning over Kat or Rachel
winning over Mo is affected by this idea how? After all, the winners of
BB are not necessarily the net winners when it comes to either work or

Any one seen last year's Brian recently? What about Ant from two year's
back. I didn't watch the early shows but would recognise the gay fella
who went on to present kiddy TV and night time ITV rip off shows but
anyone else? I would pass the lost of them in the street without giving
them a second glance.

In fact I'm thinking the total number of ex-BB who work regularly work
in a TV related fashion is, on average, zero or less.

As the only famous housemate is Jade (and how many years ago was that?)
I'm not at all convinced by that as a suggestion.

Obviously BB has commercial interests but all this bollocks every single
bloody time BB introduces a twist of one sort or another, given that
twists are actually a necessary part of the framework of the show, is
just weary-some.
Joe [[email protected]] said:

It is impossible to prove a negative so the ball is still quite clearly
in your court I'm afraid. :o)
Joe [[email protected]] said:

LOL! :o)