Mario Marconi Is Caught Cheating On Lisa


Sleazy reality TV star Mario Marconi (née Shaun Astbury) was caught
cheating on his long-term girlfriend Lisa Appleton just hours before
he proposed to her live on camera in the Big Brother house.

CCTV images have emerged of Mario kissing a blonde woman in a hotel
bar, just a few hours before he headed to the Big Brother studios in
Elstree to declare his love for Lisa. Mario met the woman in question,
Victoria Anderson, whilst she was enjoying a drink in the Premiere Inn
bar *sniggers* with her boyfriend. When Victoria’s fella nipped
outside for a cigarette, Mario swooped in on the girl and was caught
kissing her on camera. Moments later, hotel security images show the
couple entering the lift and heading toward Mario’s hotel room. The
pair didn’t emerge from the boudoir for nearly five hours.

Mario has since admitted kissing the girl, but denied doing anything
else, claiming she had set him up. Yes, yes of course, we’re sure it
was all perfectly innocent. We wouldn’t be surprised if they just sat
in that room playing scrabble, talking about politics and the
precarious state of the UK’s economy. Yes, that sounds feasible.
*SupaTee* explained on 14/09/2008 :

And here's the Daily Star's version...

BIG BROTHER star Mario Marconi's wedding plans were in chaos last night
over claims he spent a night with a busty blonde following a snog in a
hotel bar.

Sensational pictures have emerged of the muscleman locking lips with
Victoria Anderson – just hours before he proposed to long-term lover
Lisa Appleton live on TV on August 24.

The pair kissed minutes after her boyfriend left the table.

And by the time her lover Duncan Hoare returned from having a cigarette
outside the hotel bar they'd vanished.

Devastated Duncan now wants to know exactly what happened later on
between Victoria, 23, and Mario, 43.

In an admission that will devastate Lisa, last night Mario admitted
kissing the girl.

But he denied doing anything else claiming the girl had "set him up."

CCTV footage from the hotel appears to show the pair getting into a
lift together before disappearing into one of the bedrooms.

Canadian-born Victoria, who flew back to her homeland just two days
after her encounter with Mario, didn't return to her own room for
nearly FIVE hours.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday Duncan, a
39-year-old engineer, reveals how he had befriended Mario while staying
at the Premier Inn Hotel in Borehamwood, Herts.

He said he had no problem introducing Mario, real name Shaun Astbury,
to his girlfriend because he was so excited about proposing to Lisa the
following day.

But as soon as his back was turned Mario and Victoria disappeared. He
has no idea exactly what went on during the five hours that Victoria
was with Mario and like Lisa, he's now desperate to get to the bottom
of it.

Distraught Duncan, who met Victoria last April, said: "She was the love
of my life. "I still can't believe it. I have good days and bad days
but most of the time I just feel numb.

"It's taken a lot of courage for me to come forward and talk about
what's happened. (BigG says: think of the money you got for the

"I think that Lisa is going to be shattered. I think it's important
that she finds out the truth before she makes the biggest mistake of
her life.

"We're both in the same boat and I'm here for her if she needs to talk
to me about what happened that night.

"Victoria was an incredible lover.

"She's a very passionate woman and is comfortable doing all sorts of
things in the bedroom.

"She was always very creative. I have nightmares about them together."

Duncan revealed how he had first met Mario a couple of days after he
was evicted from the Big Brother house.

He bumped into him again the night at the London hotel before he

He added: "I use the Premier Inn Hotel all the time as it's close to
where my family live. We started chatting in the bar and I thought he
seemed like a nice bloke.

"When I bumped into him again a few weeks later it was like we were old

"Vic and I spent the evening in the hotel bar until eventually Mario
was the only other person left up. So we sat down at the same table and
carried on chatting. He kept going on about how he was going to propose
to Lisa. He even showed us the engagement ring.

"Mario said that Big Brother had put the pressure on him to propose and
he was worried how it would look if Lisa turned him down.

"But he still seemed excited about what he was about to do so I had no
worries about him and Victoria.

"The thought that something might happen between them didn't even enter
my head. I was up and down quite a lot as I smoke but I wasn't worried
about leaving Vic and Mario alone.

"It was approaching 4am when I suggested that we should all call it a
night. I then went out for another cigarette. I must've been outside
for about four or five minutes but when I came back into the bar they
were both gone.

"I looked around everywhere and asked the night porter if he knew where
they'd gone but he said he hadn't seen anything.

"I rushed up to my room hoping that Vic would be inside waiting for me
but she wasn't. I then came back downstairs and searched everywhere for

"I even went outside and started calling her name. I couldn't believe
it. One minute she was sat there with Mario the next she was gone.

"After a while I decided to head back to my room and wait for her to
return. I must've crashed out about 5am and didn't wake up until she
started knocking on the door at around 8.30am. She looked a right

"Her hair was all messed up and she said she didn't want to talk.

"I asked her if she'd been with Mario but she told me some story about
meeting a group of people in the lift who invited her back to their
room for a party.

"We had a massive row before she crashed out. I just didn't know what
to do. She then crashed out and I started going over the events in my
head. She made me feel like I was being stupid for even thinking that
she'd been with Mario let alone accusing her of it.

"Victoria was due to fly back to Canada a couple of days later and I
tried my best to put the whole incident behind me. But after she'd gone
I realised that I had to know what had happened.

"I was planning to join her in Canada where I was going to meet her
parents for the first time so I had to know before I committed any more
of my life to Victoria.

"I managed to get hold of the security tapes and was devastated when
they semmed to confirm my worst fears.

"I've watched the tape over and over and he's the one who comes onto
her. "I'd certainly get some kind of satisfaction bashing him up. But
that's just not me.

"That's why I decided to speak out about what he got up to with Vic.
"Everyone, especially Lisa needs to know the truth."

When confronted about the story Mario said: "I remember the night. I
was in the bar and getting a lot of attention.

"Everyone wanted to chat to me because I'd been in the Big Brother
house. I remember this girl being very over friendly with me. I kissed
a lot of people that night and that's all it was with her. Thinking
back it all seems a bit strange.

"If I was her boyfriend I wouldn't have gone back to my room if my
girlfriend had disappeared with another man. Why didn't he knock down
every door looking for her? It's all a set up."