Does she ever get off her high horse and talk about anyone other than

She's contradicting herself left, right and centre. "I don't make friends
in here." Then goes on to say, "Friends that have left, I shared a bed with
Lesley, Vanessa was a Sister to me, and of course Kemal." Bloody hell
woman, make your mind up!

Flopsy :o)
IMO she is a classic example of a shallow individual who has to be
heard no matter what. It doesn't matter (to her) that she spouts
inconsistencies with virtually every sentence, it's just that she's got
to speak in order to attempt to impress or subjugate whoever she is
talking to.
Exactly. Once you've sussed that out, she is extremely consistent. Just
like a grand diva.

Or do you all think Liza Minelli or Madonna or whoever became what they
are by talking about other people?
Makosi's major talent seems to be lying through her teeth. Divas become
famous because of some real talent e.g. singing. They don't in general
resort to going onto a reality show to get themselves noticed.

The bewigged one's habit of trying to drag the spotlight onto herself in
every situation or conversation is tedious in the extreme.
The showbiz industry is a ruthless one. Liza Minnelli is a drunken, rude
cow. Madonna I adore as an artist, but as a person she must be as warm as an
ice cube and as friendly as a stinging nettle. Makosi will feel right at
home in that kind of environment.

I don't doubt for a minute that successful people are ego-driven and
ruthless. There is a part of me that admires this monomania, though it's
not me at all.