John James and Josie


John James to Josie when discussing head size versus intelligence:

"You're thick as dog shit but your head's as big as Shrek's."

He's such a romantic. :-)
Nuncio formulated the question :

He's found the woman of his dreams coz she replied: "yes, it's like a
pumpkin isn't it?"
Surely she is going to guess in a minute that he isn't really all that
interested. Unless she wants to add 'doormat' to her list of attributes.
[email protected] says...

Said on BBLB that JJ1 has now told Josie he is going to move to England
to be with her. Isn't love grand. :o)
Em explained on 16/08/2010 :

It was also in the highs as well. That's it, he wants a passport!
He is of British parentage so presumably he can come and go as he
Em was thinking very hard :

Oh, his parents are British? hm..
JohnM penned the following:

Yes they are and he's the only one in the family who was born in Oz.
I believe so.