Father Christmas....


....has just gone past my house on the back of a lorry.

And I kid you not. :-)
Round table?

We had Santa's sleigh (a trailer pulled by a car)in the cul-de-sac
accompanied by men going around the doors collecting for charity,
sitting in the trailer/sleigh was a man dressed as Santa.
You live in my street?? lol
He comes down our road every year in a fire engine, along with alleged music
played through some really crap speakers.

soup [[email protected]] said:

I guess so but the funny think was, no one knocked. Santa just waved
furiously and the lorry drove off.
Les [[email protected]] said:

Finding my unplugged doorbell this morning when I vacuumed (forgot to
return it to the socket last time I suppose) has perhaps solved the
mystery and I am now guessing that some did knock....
Les [[email protected]] said:

And if anyone can understand what I just posted then they clearly have
too much Christmas Spirit inside them!
I understood it and I am TT.
I assume the door bell is one of these wireless things were the actual
bell "sounder" is on a plug thing and this was removed to vacuum, the
next time you went to vacuum you noticed that the "sounder" plug thing
wasn't in its socket.
All that is needed is a "one" then it would be "some'ONE' did knock",
if by knock you mean ring the bell, to make it scan properly.
soup [[email protected]] said:

I did mean ring the bell when I wrote knock, which is pretty darn odd
now I come to think about it....
Yeah, I wonder what Siggy would have made of it? ;-))
W.Wots [wot'[email protected]] said:

Or even Dr. Frasier Crane, Siggy's biggest fan :-))
Or, God forbid, the NG's very own Danny?? self styled psychoanalyst gone
Okay, two hours later than planned, I'm, ala Christopher, going to bed,
goodnight all, rofl, tomorrow I'll be doing my ironing and I might go
W.Wots [wot'[email protected]] said:

Who irons any more?
Les pretended :

Crystal Clear!! ;-)