E&Ms return - Transcript of Laminate.


I've just replayed Emma reading out the laminate this afternoon and
here is my transcript :)

"Your return to the main house is entirely at BBs discretion.
BB will decide if you will return and if so when you will return.
If you do return to the main house, BB will not discuss with your HMs
anything that happened following your eviction on Friday.
In addition BB will not tell your HMs you were living in the BB
What you discuss is entirely up to you.
It is possible that your HMs will ask you questions.
There are issues that you will need to start thinking about now.
Where have you been?
What have you been doing?
How much if at all are you going to tell them about what you have seen
and done?
Do you have any sort of plan?
What is it?
To clarify, what you discuss and with whom would be entirely up to
Cheers Dave.