Dim Luke


Luke said:
"I don't know how the relationship works out but my uncle's son is a

FFS, Surely he knows that his uncle's son is his *cousin*? :-)

BUT I did love what Luke said to Shaunio...
After Mario was bragging about being *senior* in the Post Office, Luke
"So Mario, you've been 22 years in the Post Office and seven years in
the Army, and now you're just a Z-lister on a TV reality show." LOL
I find Luke to be clever and very insightful.
He was the only one to realise that the public would be voting
on who was to blame for the row last week between Rex and Jen.

He does make me laugh with some of his comments he comes out with.
In the diary room he is quite funny.
Surely you mean he was the only one to voice it, the others just took it for
granted, it being the main reason for her being nominated in the first

No comment.
Luke has come up with a lot of theories. If you voice enough theories, it's
only a matter of time before you hit the bullseye. Although in this case,
Luke was still wrong. Picture-gate was just another reason to evict her.

Luke's a snake in the grass.

Luke's a clever/smart arse little bastard. He knows how to work the house
in the sense that he'll go to someone and whine to them about someone else
and do the exactly the same thing to another person about the person he's
just talked to. It's called keeping your shit together, in other words,
talking behind each others backs, IN OTHER WORDS... Keeping your own arse
out of trouble.

Luke will be in the final four, guaranteed because of his diary room entries
if anything.

Commander Hughes