Big stink in Hell


The housemates are in for a windy afternoon...

Will the housemates from Hell be able to nominate today? Well, that
depends on whether they'll be able to stomach eating dozens of Brussels
sprouts each!

For housemates from Hell to earn the right to nominate, they must eat
all 300 Brussels sprouts (3.2kg) from a silver tray provided by Big
Brother. This should take them approximately three hours.

If they wolf down the vegetable from Hell, the housemates from Hell
will have earned the right to nominate. But if they decide that Satan's
little cabbages are too much for them, they'll fail and won't be able
to nominate.

Either way, we've a feeling this Task is going to cause quite a stink!

AND with Nicole telling Mikey that she is not eligible to nominate this
week, that will only leave Mikey and Kat concerned about scoffing them
*BigG* brought next idea :

Mikey, Kat and Nicole quit the brussels sprout eating task in less than
an hour after Big Brother gave them three hours to eat 300 (3,2kg) of
the notoriously disliked vegetables.

Mikey claimed he could not take any more than a few of the tiny veggies
because they had not been cooked properly.

He said: "That's disgusting. It's not even cooked. I cannot be bothered
with this today. Who cares about the game?"

Even Heavenly housemate Rex - who usually bullies others about putting
more effort into tasks - encouraged them to give up. He said: "I think
there's no point in even starting."

But he would do wouldn't he - he doesn't want a farting princess! ;-)

Even Lisa added: "I would not be able to do that."

By abandoning the task, the threesome in Hell have lost their right to
nominate this week (even though Nicole couldn't nominate anyway).
I do wish they (BB) would call an end to this not allowing people to
nominate business.